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Home Insulation

We offer both sub-contracted and contracted insulation work.

Window & Door Replacement

Improve your R-value by replacing your windows & doors.

Water Heater & Furnace Installation

Reduce your power bills by installing an efficient water heater or furnace.

Home Energy Efficiency Audits

Discover where your home is losing heat and how you can reduce your power bills with our home energy efficiency audit.

Schedule a Home Energy Efficiency Audit

Home Insulation, Water Heater, and Window Specialists

Home Energy Solutions, Inc (HESI) started 5 years ago serving primarily as an insulation contractor in the Western Montana region. 

HESI specializes in home weatherization. This includes the evaluation, replacement, or install of energy-efficient insulation, water heaters, and windows.

Although HESI is based out of Butte, we offer our services all across Western Montana.

Our mission is to help homeowners optimize their home’s R-Value and minimize the extra costs associated with poor insulation or inefficient heaters and windows.

Home weatherization is an investment that pays itself back over time. Our team has the skills and experience to properly assess you needs and select the right home improvement options for you.

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Our Services

Home Insulation Company

HESI offers spray foam (case-by-case basis), loose-fill fiberglass, and fiberglass insulation.

Improve your home’s R-value and reduce your heating costs by choosing the right insulation for your new build or by replacing old insulation.

Water Heater & Furnace Installation

Although HESI is based out of Butte, we offer water heater replacement and installation all across Western Montana.

Our preferred water heater installs are Bradford Whites which offer efficient heating for your home.

We can also improve your home’s heating through a replacement furnace. 

Our Rinnai and Napoleon furnaces offer optimal heating and superior comfort.

Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows can cause a tremendous loss of heat if they are worn, installed improperly, or old.

Our AMSCO double-pane, vinyl windows are sturdy and efficient. Reduce heat loss, improve insulation, and feel at home.

Schedule a Home Energy Efficiency Audit

Schedule a free home energy audit. Discover how you can reduce your utility bills and start feeling more at home. Our audit will look at your windows, heaters, and insulation to determine what needs improvement. Work with us to re-invent what comfort looks like in your house. 

Decrease Your Utility Bills

Replacing your windows, furnace, water heaters, or insulation will enhance the comfort and security of your home.

As an added bonus, homes with newer R-value focused improvements will increase their value. 

Not to mention the money saved in the long run from reduced energy bills.

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Home Weatherization Specialists

Check our FAQs for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What is an R Value?

R-values are a rating of a window, wall, or door’s efficiency to prevent the loss of heat. “R” stands for resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power.

Are there home weatherization assistance programs?

Yes! If you live in the Western Montana area and are at or below the income threshold, you could qualify for FREE weatherization services through the Low Energy Income Assistance program. Visit this page to learn more about free weatherization for your home.

Do I need to replace my windows?

 Windows should be replaced when you hear a lot of outside noise, if you feel a draft, even when your windows are closed, window frames are soft, chipped or water damaged, difficulty opening and closing or locking windows, and condensation build-up between glass layers or cracked window glass.

Should I replace my insulation?

Depending on the type of insulation, it can last anywhere from 20 to 80 years. Unless your home is decades old, you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing insulation for that reason. Older homes often will need their insulation replaced, simply because the quality of insulation has so greatly improved since the 1970s. You may need to replace insulation that has been damaged due to water exposure, mold, or smoke.

When do I replace my water heater?

Most water tanks after 10 years begin to fail, signs your water tank needs to be replaced include:

  • “watercolored” water
  • your water tank is too old
  • your water heater is making unusual noises
  • your water heater is showing signs of leakage
  • your water heater is no longer heating water.
How do I know if my heater is working correctly?

Turn your furnace off immediately if you smell burning odors other than dust and call your HVAC provider for immediate service. In good condition, your gas furnace should show no signs of wear, rust, soot, or dirt deposits. When your furnace runs, the color of the flame inside the burner should be blue.

What maintenance should I do on my furnace?

Yearly maintenance should be done to your furnace. Clean and replace filters, check the thermostat, clean the blower, clean and repair furnace ducts, and clean vents.

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